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Reliable & Trusted Partner for Medical & Healthcare Packaging

At New-Tech, we understand how important it is for medical device, pharmaceutical, and over the counter products to meet regulation and quality standards. We have the experience and resources to design, manufacture, and fulfill your packaging needs. Learn more about our medical device packaging and pharmaceutical packaging.

Medical Device Packaging

With deep experience, knowledge, and resources in the medical technology industry, New-Tech is your partner in packaging. We not only understand the regulatory environment but also actively follow change control processes and FDA cGMP while prioritizing cost savings.

We offer a range of services, from designing totes and suitcases for the transit of medical devices into hospitals to providing packaging automation to streamline processes in warehouse facilities. We engineer cooler and gel pack solutions for temperature-sensitive products and optimize shipping and packaging to reduce dimensional weight charges and shipping costs.

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recyclable plastic bin
plastic reusable tote for packaging
plastic reusable tote for packaging

Pharmaceutical & Over The Counter Packaging

Over-the-counter products need special care and expertise when its comes to packaging. Inspecting, reworking, secondary packaging, and labeling the products requires accuracy, speed, and compliance with FDA cGMP standards. 

At New-Tech Packaging, our goal is to get your products packaged and shipped as quickly as possible while following all regulatory requirements.

pharmaceutical packaging
products in clip strips packaging
products in clip strips packaging

New-Tech Packaging Is:

  • An FDA-registered repackager and relabeler.
  • Prepared to design, engineer, and supply packaging to ship temperature-controlled and temperature-sensitive items.
  • Equipped to manage recalls and has passed third-party testing to validate our systems.
  • Audited by healthcare and pharmaceutical companies and the FDA and ISO organizations.
  • Ready to meet your temperature-controlled manufacturing and warehousing needs.
  • 21 CFR, parts 210, 211, and 820 compliant and uses cGMP processes in handling, control, and quality management systems.

New-Tech is 21 CFR Part 820 compliant, which is the FDA counterpart to ISO 13485.

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temperatured controlled packaging for pharmaceuticals

New-Tech Packaging, Memphis, Tenn.

You won’t need to seek out multiple suppliers for the services you need. We offer a variety of packaging services including:

Packaging Products

Custom & Stock Boxes
Corrugate Packaging
Plastic Corrugate Totes
Custom Engineered Foam
Void Fill, Shrink Film & More

Contract Packaging

Package & Display Design
Inspection & Rework
Assembly & Kitting
Shrink Bundling
Cartoning, Blister Packs & More

Packaging Automation Equipment

Stretch Wrappers
Bagging Equipment
Shrink Bundling
Carton Erectors & More