Are you looking for a company to help you with creative packaging design?

Packaging DesignDesign is the foundation of great packaging and is at the heart of New-Tech’s approach to creating value for our customers.  Your product is unique and requires the proper design and materials based on size, weight, degree of fragility, and retail-readiness.  

At New-Tech, we understand the importance of your packaging design. We’ll help you get it right from the start, and then keep it right season to season and year to year.


Your products are changing, your customers are changing, and your packaging needs to be changing too.  Packaging design is not timeless, here’s why:

Improve package design to appeal to changing customer demands.

Customers evolve.

Your products are changing for your customers. You’re improving your products.  Product life cycles are shorter. Customer demands are changing, your products are
evolving, and so does your packaging.

Modify the design of your packages to keep up with changes in order dynamics.

Order dynamics are changing.

The size of your customer’s order, the case count, the distance they have to travel, the method of shipping. As these dynamics change, your packaging will need to change as well.


Regulation changes sometimes require changes in packaging design. We can help.

Regulatory changes.

The regulatory environment is constantly changing, which creates demands for new packaging in affected industries. For instance, the FDA’s decisions affect the packaging of food, OTC medications, prescription drugs, and medical devices.  Today’s packaging will be out-dated with the next regulatory change.

Custom package design keeps your product packaging consistent with your marketing campaigns.

Marketing campaigns change.

As you launch new marketing campaigns, your packages have to change.  Each season your packaging must evolve with trends, freshened designs and new value statements.

An evolving marketplace demands an evolving package design.

Marketplace evolution.

Your marketplace is changing.  Costs are changing.  The supply chain is changing. Shipping options are changing.  Where people buy (Amazon vs Sears) is changing.  What worked really well with your packaging yesterday may not be great today, and probably won’t work well tomorrow.


Your company is in a continuous design state. You’re constantly tweaking your products and processes to meet the needs of your customers and your marketplace.  It’s important that your packaging is evolving too.

At New-Tech, we provide structural, industrial, and protective packaging design.  This makes sure that your product is in a package that’s the right size, using the right materials, to deliver it safely to where it’s going. Our designs also address dimensional weight and the optimal packaging size as freight models evolve.

New-Tech works on retail and point of sale packaging design. We ensure that your product looks great and that it meets the ever changing requirements of the retailers — that it creates high-end look and feel while constraining the cost of the final package which is ultimately thrown away.




You’re already packaging your products.  You just need to package them better, faster, and cheaper.  That’s where New-Tech excels.

Get in touch and allow us to do a packaging analysis in your facility. Our packaging audit process will uncover significant savings and helps to deliver your Better, Faster, Cheaper.