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Custom Corrugate Boxes, Bins & More

WE MAKE IT. WE DESIGN IT. WE’RE THE MANUFACTURER. At New-Tech Packaging, we design and manufacture boxes and corrugate products to protect your goods during shipping and minimize costs. When shipping thousands of products, the proper design can result in exceptional savings.

New-Tech Corrugated Boxes & Packaging

Corrugated Boxes

Right-sized boxes to minimize waste and cost

Die Cut Boxes

Offers more customized design for protection or appearance

Partitions & Bin Boxes

Custom-made to fit your product for shipping or storage

Gaylord Boxes

Larger bulk boxes allowing for shipment in large singular containers or pallet protection

Slip Sheets & Pads

Protect products against punctures, damage, and moisture

Right-Sized Corrugated Packaging: A Quick Example

Let’s say you run an e-commerce company that sells electronics. Over time, it’s likely your product size has reduced in size. Your purchasing and fulfillment departments buy and use the same boxes they’ve always used – it’s just what they’ve always done.

The result is you’re shipping products in a package that’s larger than it needs to be. This ultimately costs you unnecessary expenses in both packaging materials and freight charges. You are spending more money than necessary on a larger box, void fill and/or product protection inside the box, and shipping costs.

This is a common problem many businesses don’t even realize they’re encountering. Let New-Tech work to minimize your packaging expenses and maximize your profits.

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various boxes and pieces of corrugated packaging

Looking for a more durable, sturdier option?

We do plastic corrugated packaging too!