New-Tech Packaging Inspection / Rework Services

The phrase “time is of the essence” definitely applies to product inspection and rework. When products are found to be defective, you must be able to remove the defective products from the lot or fix the defect as quickly as possible. There’s no anticipating a defective project and getting a solution in place is absolutely critical.

Fix Problems Fast and Get Your Products on the Shelves

Despite all the steps you take to avoid them, mistakes do happen. You may have a product made offshore and discover a defect once it arrives to the United States. Perhaps you’re part of an FDA company and have found a misprint on your product label. Or maybe you need to update your labeling to reflect changes in regulatory information. You may even be dealing with a manufacturing structural defect that requires you to sort out defective products from the ones that are salvageable.

All of these cases require:

  • project management expertise
  • training to instruct workers on how to identify problems and correct them
  • solid manufacturing practice GMP
  • a robust quality system designed to track, reconcile, and dispose of defective products

Partner with the Experts in Packaging Inspection and Rework

You need someone with deep packaging inspection and rework knowledge to pinpoint the problem, determine the solution, and put it into action. Few companies have an in-house resource waiting to jump in when there’s a defective product. At New-Tech, we’re here to solve these challenges and get your product out into the market.

Major pharmaceutical and medical device companies trust New-Tech to inspect and correct issues with their products. We’re registered FDA relablers and repackagers and feature a robust quality system. Our team has experience in removing and replacing IFUs and over-labeling incorrect label translations with accurate labels. We also receive pharmaceutical products, inspect them, remove the defective products, and repackage the good products all the while preserving the lot, batch, and date integrity. Our team also inspects products for structural integrity and security.

We understand how stressful dealing with defective products can be, and we’re here to help. With a secure, quarantined area, drug case, electronic surveillance system, and non-disclosure agreements, you can trust our team to manage and resolve the problem as quickly and discreetly as possible.

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