To ensure that your products meet special retailer requirements, you’ll likely need to repackage them into new case counts, configurations, or assortments. Doing so allows you to display your products in a fresh and innovative way. But it also means you’ll need to repackage your current products quickly and effectively, and you may not be equipped to take on these kinds of projects in-house.

The stakes are also high when repackaging for medical devices and over-the-counter drugs. You not only need to get these products to market quickly, you also need to ensure accuracy and compliance with FDA requirements.

Don’t leave the success of your repackaging projects—and your business—up to chance. You deserve a packaging solutions team that will be there when you need them to get your products up to speed and on the market fast.

Your Registered Repackaging Team for FDA and Retailer Requirements

Getting your products up to retailer requirements often means repackaging them in promotional packaging, different configurations, or variety packages. You may also need to swap out your standard case count for a new case count as requested by the retailer. Or maybe you want to create a bonus package, BOGO package, or multipack for a club store.

No matter the repackaging project you have on deck, New-Tech Packaging can help! As an industry leader in repackaging for retailer requirements and FDA-regulated products, we prioritize agility, accuracy, and speed to market for every project we take on.

Here’s what makes New-Tech stand out from other packaging companies: we customize our services to meet your requirements and reach your goals. Our robust, comprehensive quality management system guides every step we take so that your products are handled properly and professionally from receipt to return delivery.

New-Tech is also a registered FDA re-packager, meaning we can take on your high-value products (such as medical devices, healthcare items, cosmetics, and over-the-counter drugs,) and package them into the new configurations or dosages you need.

During repackaging, we’ll maintain the integrity of your primary packages and only modify the secondary or tertiary packaging. For case-count adjustments, we can repackage from one case count to another as well as bundle, band, or load caddies with your new specified counts. If you need retail packages in blisters, shrink wrap, sleeves, or folding cartons, we can do that too!

Don’t compromise the success of your repackaging projects and products. New-Tech Packaging has been taking on projects like these for 30 years and has a proven track record of getting them done for major brands with no hassles!

Have a critical repackaging project coming up? Let us help you increase your sales by providing retailers with unique programs and repackaging to meet FDA requirements.