Returnable Packaging Containers

Your products are always on the go. Whether you’re working with medical devices, camera lenses  or aircraft parts, they are in constant motion: shipping out, going through sort systems, being used in the field and coming back again. Your products are the heart of your business. Without a reliable way to transport and store these items, there’s potential for damage and your business comes to a screeching halt.

That’s where New-Tech comes in.

Our team provides the protection and security you need for your most important products. Our custom packaging is there, safeguarding your essential assets day in and day out.

And to do that, we provide a suite of products that exceed customer expectations and offer long-lasting durability. After all, you need products that you can depend on. You need New-Tech Packaging’s reliable packaging: plastic corrugated packaging, reusable totes and extremely durable suitcases — the ‘good, better, best’ approach to returnable/ reusable packaging containers.

New-Tech Corrugated Plastic Packaging

Selection Guide

  • Plastic Corrugated is stronger than brown corrugated boxes
  • Less durable than plastic totes or suitcases (and less expensive)

Custom Totes for Transporting, Storing, and Packing

Selection Guide

  • Plastic totes are stronger than plastic corrugated
  • Less durable than suitcases (and less expensive)

tote package designDurable, returnable packaging is a game changer for your team. You aren’t just moving your products one or two times. You’re transporting these essentials across the country again and again. Protecting your valuable products is a must. To make this happen and avoid any snags in your process, New-Tech offers plastic totes with custom inserts.

The ideal tote will not only protect your products while in transport, but it will also help to avoid any damage to the items during packing, unpacking, and storing. Your can rest easy with the knowledge that products stored in our custom totes are well protected.

Moving parts within a manufacturing or automotive facility also calls for robust packaging and totes. Flimsy packaging just won’t survive the rigors of day-to-day operations.

Our Totes are Commonly Used For:

  • Repeated FedEx or UPS shipments of your large products, devices, and parts, especially when they originate and return to the same facility
  • Storing and rapid deployment of medical devices, aircraft parts, and automotive supplies
  • Internal storage and internal material movement within manufacturing facilities

Totes for Durability, Customization & Image

So, what makes New-Tech totes unique? New-Tech totes are made of injection-molded plastic — both durable and lightweight. They are weather-resistant. They also adapt to your product; we  use custom inserts and foam to protect your products. To promote your company’s branding, we provide totes in custom colors and also imprint your logo or messaging directly on the tote. The customization options are nearly limitless!

plastic tote packagingLet New-Tech Carry the Weight

Take your packaging to the next level. Packaging is a reflection of your brand so why not make it great? Our team is ready to develop solutions for your unique needs. You’ll feel relieved knowing your assets are in good hands.

Reach out to our team at New-Tech today to get started. We’ll work with you to create a lasting packaging solution that fits your brand, protects your products, and meets your business objectives.


Reusable custom Cases for Equipment Protection

Selection Guide

  • Suitcases are stronger than plastic corrugated and plastic totes
  • Their higher cost is offset by a LIFETIME WARRANTY, giving them an overall lower cost of ownership.

returnable suitcasesThe products you provide to your customers represent a significant investment. You’d never think of tossing them around, but you may be unknowingly putting them at risk with subpar cases. The material used to transport and store these items can make a real difference to profitability and customer satisfaction. You need cases that provide the protection customers are looking for at a price will make management smile.

The right suitcase will not only protect your products from the drops and vibration and also prevent cosmetic damages such as scratches, dings, and nicks.  This is especially true for products such as medical devices, optical equipment and electronics. You deserve the peace of mind that your essentials are protected whether they’re on display, in storage,  in transit, or in use.

Our Case Solutions Are Commonly Used For:

  • Storing costly professional equipment such as cameras and medical devices
  • Protecting military equipment
  • Keeping materials protected and clean until next use
  • Safeguarding defibrillators for ambulance transport and usage

Turn-Key Solution Custom Engineered for Your Products

You’re not just storing and transporting everyday equipment, that’s for sure. So, why rely on a one-size-fits-all solution to protect your products? Standard cases aren’t reliable choices for protecting the lifeblood of your company.

Our custom cases offer the following levels of protection:

  • Shock Protection- to combat the effects of drops, vibration, sort systems, abuse, etc.
  • Surface Protection- to prevent scratches, scrapes, nicks, dings, etc.
  • Moisture Protection- our Pelican cases are waterproof
  • Breakage- Pelican cases come with a Lifetime Warranty, so if the suitcase is ever damaged, you will receive a replacement
  • Insulative Protection- to maintain a set temperature range for temperature-controlled products for an extended period of time.


returnable packaging suitcasesWe’ll work with you to design and create a custom case for your products. With our turnkey solution, we’ll help you choose the right case with the right materials and foam, all designed specifically for your equipment or devices.

Our roots as a technology company allow us to develop products with innovative designs and materials. Instead of developing mass-market commodities, we focus on providing real solutions to our customers through the union of design and engineering.

The right case will not only safeguard your products it will also help you and your team feel at ease and secure on the job. And it sure is a lot better than dealing with substandard material that causes more problems than it solves.

Pelican-Backed Custom Suitcases With Lifetime Warranty

Put your product line in good hands with New-Tech. Our Pelican  cases come with a lifetime warranty and are ready to work overtime. Our team of design engineers, solution experts, and third-party testing labs work tirelessly to ensure that your products are 100% protected. You can feel good knowing your products are consistently bringing you a return on investment.

Get a case solution as customized and unique as your organization. Let the New-Tech team take a look at what you have now, and design a custom solution for you that will provide total protection for your products.

Protect Your Investment

You’ve already got the right tools and equipment. Now, it’s time to make sure they stay safe and sound. Get in touch with New-Tech, and we’ll get started on your custom solution. Don’t leave the protection of your product, brand, and livelihood up to chance.

Do you have a custom plastic packaging need? Call us! Our experienced team can help you create a packaging process that is better, faster and cheaper. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about custom corrugated boxes, eps foam, corrugated plastic packaging or any of our other packaging services.

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