Medical Device Packaging

At New-Tech we understand how important it is for medical device packaging to meet FDA regulations, not only for the benefit of the suppliers, but for the well-being of the individuals who rely on these devices.

As a leader in medical technology, you know the importance of a regulatory environment. Healthcare professionals, caregivers, and patients alike depend on you to help them overcome healthcare challenges through dependable, innovative supplies, devices, and systems. 
As you work to benefit the lives of patients through cutting-edge medical technology, you need suppliers you can rely on to meet FDA regulations.

Above all, you need suppliers who not only understand a regulatory environment but also actively follow change control processes and FDA cGMP while prioritizing cost savings.

It’s a tall order, and few manufacturing companies are truly up to the task. But it’s standards like these that help you protect and serve patients in the way they deserve.

Reach Quality and Cost Savings Goals for Packaging

The healthcare industry continues to develop and change financially, and cost-reduction strategies are no doubt a top priority for your company. At the same time, devices, systems, and products must maintain integrity levels and meet FDA regulations. Matters such as marketplace changes drive unexpected demand spikes, making it impossible to positively forecast the need for medical devices 100% of the time. You need a supplier you can count on to warehouse your devices securely, drive cost savings programs, and maintain regulatory integrity. With deep experience, knowledge, and resources in the medical technology industry, New-Tech is the partner you need. We understand that for the packaging of your medical devices to meet regulations, you must have constant, ongoing levels of scrutiny. We have a quality system in place so that specifications are met, and non-conforming products are a non-issue. At New-Tech, our operations are centered around an understanding of the FDA regulatory environment. We never change specifications without going through an approval process, and we follow FDA cGMP. You can focus on mission-critical tasks in your business with the knowledge that your devices are secure and in compliance. We’ll also work with you to determine:
  • Which packaging will best protect your medical device products at the most affordable price
  • Which materials are best suited for the applications at hand and will not cause problems in your supply chain
  • How to redesign temperature controlled product packaging to follow your temperature protocols and deliver substantial cost savings
  • How to deliver batch records in the event of a product recall

Medical Industry Packaging Samples

Partner with an Experienced, Leading Edge Supplier

medical packagingSimply put, New-Tech is unique in the manufacturing field. 70% of our business is done with medical device and healthcare companies. We’ve risen to meet this challenge and exceed customer expectations by developing a high-level quality system. New-Tech is 21 CFR Part 820 compliant, which is the FDA counterpart to ISO 13485.   We also offer a range of services, from designing totes and suitcases for the transit of medical devices into hospitals to providing packaging automation to streamline processes in warehouse facilities. No matter the type of material we work with (whether it’s foam, corrugated, totes or suitcases) we provide seamless integration for superior levels of protection for medical device instruments and implants. In order to help you further meet cost-savings initiatives, we optimize shipping packaging to avoid dimensional weight charges and reduce shipping costs, meaning you can send and/or receive overnight shipments while still staying on budget. New-Tech also engineers cooler and gel pack solutions for temperature sensitive products. As a leader in the medical device industry, we understand you need a supplier that’s a good fit for your organization. New-Tech has a long track record of working with major medical device providers, supplying millions of dollars worth of packaging.
I love how New-Tech has a passion for saving us money.
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