air pillow packaging Packaging products for transit and distribution requires more than just boxes and tape. For packages to arrive safely, you must fill the void or empty space present in the box or package. Otherwise, you risk products arriving damaged and broken.

Many companies use crumpled paper or a loose fill to protect their products. These methods of filling the void and providing cushioning are often costly and heavy. Other companies use inflatable void fill and cushioning but are struggling to reach the cost reduction they need. Using the wrong type of void fill and cushioning is not only a waste of materials, it can also result in subpar protection and damages.

Fill the Void with a Cost-Effective Option

air packaging systemProtecting your products is critical but it doesn’t have to be expensive or frustrating. Automatic air cushioning and void fill systems are easy to use, customizable, and effective. These machines are highly reliable and require little maintenance.

Depending on your packaging needs, you can produce air pillows or cushions with air cushioning systems. Air pillows are best for preventing contents from jostling during shipment. These are simple to add to the boxes after packing. However, the products may still migrate during transit. Air cushions, sometimes called bubble-on-demand, prevent products from migrating inside the box. These inflatable sheets contain small cells or long inflated tubes, which can be wrapped around the product or simply layered into the package.

The machines make creating these pillows and cushions easy by feeding and guiding pre-made film, then inflating it and sealing the inflation site so the air cannot escape. The inflatables exit the machine and fall into portable hoppers or are blown overhead into dispensing systems. The process is seamless and results in reliable, supportive cushioning.

Ensure Your Products Arrive Safely with Customized Options

air cushioning systemsJust as there are many different types of packages, there are plenty of options for air cushioning and void fill systems to suit your needs. You can find pillows and cushions in many thicknesses, sizes, and configurations as well as several types of film, hoppers, feeders, and dispensing systems. Each option will need to be carefully evaluated to ensure products are properly protected and operations can continue effectively.

At New-Tech Packaging, we specialize in packaging solutions and have worked with companies like yours to evaluate and identify the right air cushioning system. The technology behind these machines has advanced greatly in the last few years. We can help you see if this packaging solution is right for you by providing an in-house demo.

Ready to test drive the system? Get in touch with us today to experience the benefits of air cushioning systems first hand!


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