Are you ready to reduce labor costs and increase throughput? These objectives rank high for many companies especially those that rely on bags to transport and store products. But if you’re still relying on manual processes to get the job done, it will be tough to reach these goals.

Manually loading and/or sealing bags requires plenty of labor and doesn’t offer the pace you need to increase throughput. Even self-sealing bags can slow down your packaging processes.

Bagging systems provide both the labor and machinery you need to get products sealed in attractive, informative bags quickly. These machines are designed to produce more bags faster and automatically print the information you need on the bags (including date, bar code information, the lot number, batch information, product description, and more). It all adds up to better looking bags with nicer looking seals and more of them at a lower labor cost.

Why Bagging Systems

Automated bagging systems offer many advantages over manual loading and sealing processes including:

  • Production of strong, flat, and reliable seals
  • Easily cycling and safety for operators
  • Ease of opening bags automatically for loading
  • Capability to run on a wide variety of films including poly bags (low- and high-density polyethylene,) retail bags (polypropylene,) and specialty bags

These systems aren’t one-size-fits-all. You can also customize them to suit your processes, products, and organization.

  • Variety of sizes: from small, table-top style machines to large, fully automatic systems
  • Variety of speed operation: these systems can run on low to medium speeds for manually loading or at higher speeds to be fed by multiple workers or automatic feeders
  • Options for vertical and horizontal loading, making it easier to load products into the bags
  • Can run them with different types of film including clear, opaque and preprinted film with simple images or elaborate artwork
  • Ability to print additional information on bags at time of loading

Automated bagging systems are attractive options for companies performing internet order fulfillment with mailer bags. With these systems, your operator can simply scan the order and have the address information print directly on the bag through integration into your WMS system. Once your operator loads the order and packaging list, the bags will then be sealed and exit through the conveyor line. This system gets soft goods such as clothing and shoes loaded, sealed, and ready to be shipped to their new homes!

The same process applies to automatic systems for food. You can have the food items brought through your loading system by a conveyor, automatically opened, and then loaded by your operator. The durable seal keeps things in place and can even seal through tough liquids like sauces and gravy. After the excess film is removed, the bag exits the system and is ready for the next step in the process.

If you’re worried about the cost of bringing in an automated bagging system, don’t be. We’ll prepare the cost justification for you after a packaging evaluation. Most of our clients see the costs of the systems paid back in less than a year’s time.

Work with the Automated Bagging System Experts

At New-Tech, we understand that you need to increase throughput and decrease labor costs for the success of your business. But w

e also know there are lots of bagging systems on the market, and it can be difficult to determine which system suits your product and production 

line. Our trained specialists can find the right system for your goals and organization. Our team is skilled in evaluating and recommending the ri

ght equipment to help you reach your goals.

Our deep experience in the packaging process and knowledge of industry-specific best practices inform our evaluation process, as does our desire to see your business succeed. If you’re ready for better throughput, lower labor costs, more attractive bags, and higher quality seals, reach out to New-Tech today so we can discuss automatic bagging system options for you.

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