customizable workstationsWhile we rarely stop and think about it, our bodies make repetitive motions and movements each day. The right furniture and tools help us to move comfortably at home, at work, and everywhere in-between. On the job, we rely on equipment and furniture to work effectively and efficiently.

Unfortunately, the wrong set of tools can have the opposite effect, making it difficult to work productively and even causing injury in some cases. According to the United States Department of Labor, there were approximately 2.9 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses reported by private industry employees in 2017. Many of these injuries include Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders such as tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tension neck syndrome, and DeQuervain’s disease. Those injuries add up, leading to days off work, insurance and medical bills, employee stress, turnover, and low morale.

Prioritize Safety and Productivity

For employees who perform countless, repetitive motions each on the job (think: lifting, reaching, pulling, etc.), having safe, reliable equipment and furniture for support is imperative. Too often, organizations rely on standard, one-size-fits-all equipment for this specialized workforce. At worst, these unergonomic items can cause aches and pains. At best, they slow down even the most productive workers.

Your typical office desk is designed for two things: writing and typing. They generally offer enough space for a laptop, mouse, a notepad, and maybe a keyboard if you’re lucky. Standard desks are made for sitting and designed to comfortably fit an office chair and not much else underneath. This set-up is great for your standard office worker but if you’re organizing, sorting, or preparing any sort of material, you’re going to need something purpose-built to get the job done.

Workstations Made For Your Workers

new custom workstationSo, what’s the answer? Customizable, ergonomic workstations. BOSTONtec height-adjustable workstations are designed for workers like yours in mind. These ergonomic workstations accommodate 90% of all operators, potentially increasing productivity up to 15% over traditional fixed workstations. They meet the American National Standards Institute/Human Factors Engineering guidelines for proper leg clearance and adjustability, allowing for greater comfort, productivity, and safety on the job.

They are easily tilted, lifted, rotated, and stored for optimal flexibility. The workstations are true workhorses. Instead of remaining rigid and working against your employee’s movements, they move with them for greater productivity and results. They can be used while standing up or seated, making them ideal for employees who perform varied motions through the day. The workstations make use of properly ergonomic zoning and facilitate the placement of items in the proper horizontal and vertical reach zones.  This combination of smart design and high quality maximizes efficiency and user comfort.

These workstations can be customized to suit your brand culture. Choose from a set of standard or premium colors or provide custom colors for a truly personalized look. With BOSTONtec, you can make a great impression on employees with cutting-edge ergonomic workstations and reinforce your brand values again and again.

At New-Tech Packaging, we are proud to offer BOSTONtec workstations to our customers. We understand that you need simple solutions to work better, faster, and cheaper. With these adjustable workstations, you’ll save costs on workplace downtime and injuries while increasing output and productivity. To learn more about how to find the right workstations for your workplace, reach out to our team today.


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