foam-in-place packingPackaging solutions must work with the types of products they’re designed to support and protect. Irregularly-shaped and fragile items are often difficult to prepare for transit as basic packaging methods fail to account for their shape and delicate nature. The right packaging solution will conform to the shape of your product and provide extra support as needed.

A Convenient Solution for Protecting Uncommon Products

foam packaging automationFoam-in-place systems do just that through a single flexible foam solution. Two chemicals are combined to grow into foam and expand to conform to the product. As the foam sets it provides a firm, polyurethane foam cushion. This protects the product from jostling during shipment and prevents costly damages and losses.

These systems are simple to use and can even protect heavy, bulky products.

But what about costs? Foam-in-place systems make use of inexpensive, wooden molds to produce cost-effective molded foam. These systems provide greater results at a lower cost than old, outdated foam-in-place systems.


You can select from three custom options for creating the foam-in-place cushions:

  1. Facilitate easy batch changes from one bag configuration to another by using the machine to dispense varying sized bags with a preset amount of foam. These recipes (consisting of bag size and amount of foam) are created in advance and accessed from the HMI or by scanning a barcode.
  2. To keep the rising foam from sticking to your product, you can spray the chemicals into the package using a nozzle designed to mix the two chemicals. Both of the first two methods allow the foam to fill the package and conform to and support the product.
  3. You can also create molds, providing a structure for the form to grow and conform to. Through this method, you can package standard sized products with foam created inhouse and on-demand.

If you’re interested in learning more about foam-in-place systems, get in touch with our team at New-Tech Packaging. We’ll provide an in-house demo so you can get a hands-on feel for how this packaging solution can help your business.

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