Environmental concerns are on the rise for consumers and businesses across the globe. As we’ve become more aware of the impact of our actions on available resources, we’re constantly searching for more sustainable solutions. Packaging solutions are an essential part of the equation as changes here can significantly increase efficiencies while reducing waste.

If you’re looking increase throughput and reduce labor, sustainable paper cushioning systems can help. At New-Tech Packaging, we provide customers with automatic paper machines to streamline processes. These machines allow you to become more efficient and consistent with your production if you’re already using paper for your packaging solutions. Automatic paper machines also provide a viable, sustainable alternative to bubble wrap and air cushions and can easily wrap heavy or sharp-edged products to protect them from damage.

Why Automatic Paper Machines

paper cushioning machinesWhen you look at the range of benefits automatic paper machines provide, switching to this packaging solution just makes sense:

  • Easy handling. The machine dispenses paper directly into a box and then automatically cuts or tears it. No need to manage and manually tear or cut paper by hand for each of your packages!
  • Speed. Automatic paper machines quickly dispense paper out of the machine and into the box.
  • Painless loading thanks to smart engineering for increased reliability.
  • No cash outlay. You can get the machines at no cost if the volume of paper used is sufficient.

Of course, no two businesses are the same and having access to customized options is important. With automatic paper machines, you can:

  • Customize the height and tilt of the machines to integrate them into your workstations for space efficiency and easy of packing
  • Use 1, 2, or 3-ply paper. Lower ply paper is ideal for cost savings and using paper as a void instead of cushioning. Higher ply paper is the optimal choice for shock protection and resilience to being crushed.
  • Make use of paper in different basis weights (or thicknesses) depending on the product weight that will be going into the box.
  • Select paper in fanfolds and in rolls

We’ll work with you to justify any costs of switching to automatic paper machines through a thorough packaging evaluation so you can achieve payback as quickly as possible.

Paper Void FillSustainability matters to the environment, consumers, and ultimately, your bottom line. Let us visit your facility so we can take a look at your current packaging solution and recommend improvements to save money and increase efficiency.

Our team can evaluate your current materials and methods to provide a customized demonstration of an alternative solution to benefit you. These in-house demos allow you to test drive the system and experience hands-on how the system it will benefit your organization.

For more information about automatic paper machines, contact New-Tech Packaging today.