Top 5 Benefits of Corrugated Packaging – New-Tech Packaging

More companies are considering what type of materials they use to package items. In this consumer market, it’s easy to go with a low-cost option, but it may not be the best for the environment. Because of this, there needs to be an alternative method that doesn’t do as much harm as others.

Making the switch to eco-friendly products is highly beneficial because they are in high demand among consumers. One of the more ethical methods for packaging wrapping is called corrugated packaging. But what makes corrugated packaging better than other methods?

All we can do is introduce you to the different benefits that corrugated packaging has when compared to other methods. If you’re on the fence about testing this product, then we’ll give you five reasons for why you should consider it.

1. Corrugated Boxes Use Recyclable Items
All of the materials used to make corrugated boxes come from your everyday recyclable items. Paper, newspapers, boxes, cartons, and more are all combined, broken down, and then remade into corrugated boxes. Even more, they don’t include any harsh chemicals such as dyes, bleach, or toxic additives. If you’re looking to clean up your packaging and attract new clients who support environmentally friendly materials, there’s no better way than switching to corrugated packaging.

2. Corrugated Boxes Are Made From Renewable Products
All materials used are formed using mixtures of paper pulp. This pulp has been extracted from timber, which comes from a sustainable pine tree that can be quickly developed. Other sources come from wood chips, scrap material, or other factories. On top of that, all corrugated packages are made from at least 70% recycled materials.
If your company wants to switch to a more sustainable business, using corrugated packaging will help support that process. Suppliers of corrugated materials understand that keeping the environment clean and healthy is a number one priority. All materials that are used to create the corrugated packaging is replaced by saplings and new seeds to help create replenished forests and trees.

3. Corrugated Boxes Can Be Used Again
Unlike other types of corrugated packaging, boxes can be used multiple times. Each box is specially designed to collapse, therefore making them easy to dispose of or use again. Either way, all methods and materials used to produce corrugated packaging reduce negative environmental impacts.

It only makes sense to make the switch to corrugated boxes, as they are not just reusable but also durable. Investing in packaging that you can’t use multiple times is a waste of money. Not to mention the implications of continually using environmental resources that won’t grow back. Corrugated boxes are durable, high quality, and are a much friendlier approach for consumers.

4. Corrugated Packages Are Energy Efficient
After all the other reasons we’ve listed, there can’t be any more benefits to corrugated packaging, can there? Well, on top of all the other benefits, this method is also energy efficient as it takes less energy to produce one sustainable corrugated package than it does one regular non-reusable package.

5. Corrugated Packaging Is Just As Effective As Other Alternatives
Many companies try to develop new strategies for reducing their carbon footprint. This includes minimizing the amount of space it takes to ship their products and maximizing the number of packages being shipped.

Corrugated packaging is easily compressible, is compact, and can be stacked together with other packages to save space. Using this method to help ship more products at once can help your company be more productive, as it minimizes the amount of space and materials used.