Why You Should Choose Custom Corrugated Packaging? – New-Tech Packaging

Corrugated packaging is the ideal material when it comes to shipping. It accounts for at least 90% of all boxes and packaging containers on the market.

Corrugated packaging material is easy to identify. It usually features one rippled sheet, referred to as the “fluting” or the “corrugated medium,” sandwiched between two flat sheets, known as the “liners.”

The best thing about this packaging is that you can have them made for you based on your specific packaging needs. Let’s explore some of the significant benefits of custom corrugated packaging.

Maximum Protection
Corrugated boxes are more robust compared to regular cardboard boxes. They’ll act as a stable cushion for your product during shipping and handling.

The design of corrugated cardboard ensures that moisture and bacteria cannot reach your products. This seal is especially beneficial for food products that have to endure long shipping times.

Cardboard is one of the lightest and most flexible materials. It can hold and carry heavy stuff while not adding much to the weight of the product.

The lightness makes it an excellent material for transporting various goods. Thanks to its lightweight nature, custom corrugated is very easy to load, which makes it convenient for transportation and mailing.

Highly Customizable
It is effortless to customize the thickness of corrugated cardboard, making it a perfect fit for any product. Furthermore, corrugated cardboard is compatible with many different coatings, treatments, and adhesives.

Some manufacturers can even make them flame resistant. What’s more, it is easy to fold corrugated cardboard into a variety of shapes to make it a perfect fit for a particular industry. Printing options are widely customizable, as well.

Many companies always want to make sure any of their overheads, including shipping materials, aren’t affecting their bottom line too much. With corrugated packaging, you won’t have to worry about your bottom line.

Namely, this type of packaging is one of the least expensive shipping options on the market. The cost-effectiveness is attributable to the fact that these packages are easy to make. Manufacturers also utilize renewable resources in their production: They are unlike other shipping options that use virgin materials.

Therefore, besides being one of the best and safest ways to transport sensitive and dangerous materials, corrugated packaging won’t have a significant impact on your bottom line.

Corrugated packaging is eco-friendly. Manufacturers use a high percentage of recycled paper in the making of corrugated boxes. Likewise, the making of corrugated packaging often doesn’t include bleaches or dyes.

That means you can dispose of this type of packaging more sustainably compared to other kinds of materials that contain chemical contaminants.

Great for Branding
You can customize corrugated packaging material to help you with the branding and brand awareness of your company.

Custom branding is an excellent way to win the hearts of your customers. It looks more professional and shows your seriousness with the business. You may also choose to give your packaging a personal touch.

Branding is a sure way to earn your customers’ loyalty and ensure they keep coming back for more.

Corrugated boxes usually come in a wide range of sizes. They can be single-, double-, or triple-walled, depending on the level of protection you want for your products.

You can use these boxes to pack many different products. Hence, they are one of the most flexible packaging options available on the market today.

You’ve probably invested in taping machines and other high-tech packaging equipment. Corrugated packaging can work seamlessly with any packaging equipment, promoting efficiency in your business.

Next time you’re looking for packaging materials, be sure to go for custom corrugated packaging. You’ll enjoy maximum protection of your products, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility.

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