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Shipping and Receiving stations (15)New-Tech’s packaging workstations increase productivity and workflow for a leading medical device manufacturer. The workstations are equipped with:

  • Overhead digital cameras to document that every shipment is complete
  • Adjustable lights and magnifiers to inspect and document tiny serial numbers
  • Corian® work surfaces built to last and withstand abuse from metal trays
  • Compact wiring troughs to keep the work surface clear
  • Surface mounted scales to eliminate lifting and moving orders

New-Tech believes that good design is an interactive process beginning with a discussion of the customer’s goals for productivity, workflow, and footprint. Based upon customers’ needs, New-Tech puts together a 3-D drawing of the proposed workstation and suggests the proper components to improve productivity and workflow. Our modular designs also make it easy to reconfigure workstations over time as business needs change.

The customer identified a significant increase in work flow (35%) as a direct result of organizing the work stations.

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