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You’ve got products that you want to sell.  But retailers or regulators require changes or customization before you can go to market. Or sometimes internal changes (or mistakes) occur holding up release of your products. Unfortunately, for one reason or another, those products don’t meet the requirements, so yo ur products are unsaleable, and you’re losing money.  Sound familiar?  Sounds like you need Contract Packaging!


Contract PackagingAre you selling Consumer Packaged Goods (CPGs) to large retailers or club stores that demand packaging that’s unique to their store? Walmart, Target, Sam’s, Costco, and BJ’s all have specific requirements for packaging and merchandising your product.   They may require a different number of units per case; they may require point of purchase promotional changes to your product (like buy one/ get one or on-packs); they may require a specific display design unique to their store and branding.  In order to get your products on their shelves, you have to comply with their packaging and display requirements, but sometimes that’s easier said than done.

Packaging your products a dozen different ways and storing it until the retailer is ready for it requires an abundance of manpower and space — sometimes specialized machinery.  If you don’t have these resources immediately available, you may miss out on significant sales opportunities.

That’s where New-Tech’s contract packaging can save the day and boost your bottom line.  New-Tech Packaging provides the design, packaging materials, manpower, and warehouse space to ensure that your products are packaged properly, and are ready to ship to your retailers — right on time! This frees you to focus on running your business, cutting expenditures, and exceeding sales goals.

Whether you need Blister Packaging, Clamshell Packaging, Shrink Packaging, or Point of Purchase (POP) Displays, New-Tech can provide the resources that you need to package and fulfill your products efficiently and affordably.


Have regulations changed, rendering your old product labeling inaccurate?  Have you already labeled products with labels that contain translation errors or incorrect instructions for use?  Inaccurate labeling renders your product unsaleable, despite the product inside the packaging being perfectly fine.

Perhaps you’ve got defective products mixed with non-defective products that have already made it into packages.  Sending those products out into the marketplace could tarnish your brand’s reputation, and could cost you significant expense when the defective products are recalled or returned. You can’t sell this inventory without first sorting and culling out the defective products, but this manual operation likely requires more resources than you have on-hand.

New-Tech Packaging offers Inspection & Rework services to help you salvage this unsaleable inventory, making it saleable again.  We’ll provide the manpower and warehousing resources that are necessary to correct labeling errors and/or inspect products to sort out defective product while allowing good product to pass through.

New-Tech will help you correct deficiencies in order to make your product saleable again.  Our team works well under pressure, and we’re great at mitigating crisis. If there’s a problem with your product, get in touch today, and let us fix the problem and help you maintain your profitability.


Does your product need to be repackaged in order to change the case-count?  Do you have a product that needs to be unitized into shrink bundles or placed into caddies?  Does your product need to be collated into kits?  Or perhaps your products need to be assembled into a new design for a use not originally intended?

It happens all the time – retail needs change, and so must product packaging.  Unfortunately, these changes sometimes occur when there is still an abundance of existing inventory on hand.  When this happens, it’s necessary to modify the packaging of the existing product to meet the new retail needs. But these modifications require an abundance of resources – both manpower and warehousing – that you may not have readily available.

New-Tech Packaging is here to help!  We offer Assembly & Kitting, Repackaging, and Shrink Bundling to help you quickly modify your existing product packaging to keep your inventory saleable and your profit margins high.


Packaging solutions that are better, faster, and cheaper.


Today’s business is tasked to do more with less.  Managers have to beat last year’s sales and profit objectives and still reduce headcount and expenditures. New-Tech brings expertise to helps businesses do their packaging better, faster, and cheaper.  Learn more >>

Packaging audits that will help you reduce expenses and increase profits.


At New Tech Packaging, we refuse to treat packaging like a simple commodity product. We address 12 strategic cost drivers in a Packaging Audit, that will save you money and increase value.  Learn more >>

Packaging automation to reduce labor and increase throughput.


Some processes are manual and inefficient.  It’s important to determine whether the manual process is necessary, and if so, can it be made more efficient.  Or, can the manual process be automated, eliminating manpower costs & improving throughout.  Learn more >>

Packaging design to protect products, reduce expense, and maximize sales.


Your company is in a continuous design state. You’re constantly tweaking your products and processes to meet the needs of your customers and your marketplace.  It’s important that your packaging is evolving too.  Learn more >>

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